Organic Journey Worsted in The Elephant-iasis In The Room
Organic Journey Worsted in The Elephant-iasis In The Room

Organic Journey Worsted in The Elephant-iasis In The Room

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This listing is for one skein of Organic Journey Worsted in The Elephant-iasis In The Room. It's gray! It's brown! It's both! This is a new yarn in the Skeinny Dipping lineup, and is interchangeable with our Journey Worsted if you'd like to mix both for colorwork.


210 yards (192 m) per 114 g skein


non-mulesed merino wool (what the heck is this?)

This wool is made machine wash friendly by using an environmentally sound process that does not pollute the environment. You may be used to the term "superwash," but that is a specific chemical process to make yarn machine washable that is NOT used to make this yarn. The entire process of raising the sheep, scouring, and spinning is done according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Once it gets to me I dye the yarn using professional wash fast acid dyes.

Care Instructions:

If this is going to a non-crafting friend tell them to hand wash in cool water using a wool soap such as Allure Fiber Wash. Lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight. You CAN wash this in the machine on gentle but after spending so many hours making something why would you do this? 

Each skein is hand dyed by me in small batches in my home kitchen just outside of Boston, Massachusetts in New England. I use professional wash fast dyes and set the color using citric acid, then once your yarn is cooled I wash it in Allure Fiber Wash and let it air dry. It is not unusual to have your finished item bleed a wee bit the first time you wash it; this doesn't mean your colorway wasn't properly set. My colorways are very saturated and sometimes some excess dye particles remain after I have washed and rinsed the yarn. 

I do have a dog but she doesn't shed. She's not allowed near the yarn. Neither of us smoke.