About Skeinny Dipping

I started Skeinny Dipping in the summer of 2011 after an autoimmune disease that started while I was serving in the Peace Corps became unmanageable in a traditional work setting. When I'm not in physical therapy or resting I dye yarn and spinning fiber from my home kitchen. I'm the CEO of everything--I do the sourcing, prepping, dyeing, photo-taking, and shipping of your yarn. My dog, Gracie, who does not shed, protects your yarn from the UPS man; the regular mail man is ok because he gives her treats.

All of my colorways are created by me, and go through numerous iterations before it becomes a colorway I sell in the shop. Most of the colorways you see have several dyed layers to make them what they are (i.e. they are labor intensive). Whether kettle-dyed, handpainted, or sprinkled (or all three), each skein I create must pass the test of me wanting to keep it here for my own stash. If it doesn't pass I keep adjusting the dyepot until it is something I am happy with.

I source my yarns from very reputable mills within North America and use professional acid dyes for protein fibers (wool, alpaca, etc). I let all of the dyed yarns cool in their dyepots to ensure the dye is fully exhausted (some colorways need this cool down for all of the dye particles to bond with the yarn). This also allows me to recycle the water in the dye bath. Next I wash them in cool water and some Allure Fiber Wash (an all natural wool wash) and then spin the water out in my spin dryer. I also reuse this water for the next day's dye bath.

I love intense, saturated color ways which is why you won't find many pastels.